Talking to People in a Pandemic

Roger breaks down his FREE channel "Talking to People in a Pandemic".

Videos are short(ish) and explore how to create power and resilience while having as much fun as possible during a pandemic.

Why does engagement keep popping up as a solution to human challenges? Because it's a super power!

Get rid of webinars and create Discussions! Talking to People in a Pandemic

Engagement is NOT a spectator sport. Active Participation is essential especially in a digital world

Digital Expansion! Talking to People in a Pandemic

The Engagement bar is rising! Engagement is more important than ever in a digital world.

Virtual Emcees - Making all the Difference Talking to People in a Pandemic

Disengagement is Essential! What! Talking to People in a Pandemic

Engagement is More Important than ever in a digital world

Silver Linings! Benefits of Digital Keynotes Talking to People in a Pandemic

Kiss Attack leads to Miraculous Results! Talking to PEOPLE in a pandemic

SITE Canada Roger Haskett Keynote Intro Video

Kiss Attack at Work Talking to People in a Pandemic

Roger is an award-winning international keynote speaker and President of Engagement Unlimited. With his innovative keynotes and programs, he ignites positive transformational change in teams and individuals across North America and beyond. Roger’s topics range from performance under stress, the power of play, effective communication skills and the age of engage within companies and culture at large.

Roger’s impressive background in teaching and acting (he has been seen in over 175 TV shows, movies and commercials) allow him to utilize a unique session format that ties stories, theory, and application together in a team-based game. This structure primes every participant to learn and creates engagement in the room that everyone experiences and benefits from.

His experience and knowledge, combined with his natural charisma and highly contagious positive energy, has garnered Roger countless 10/10 audience rankings, extremely high survey results, and hundreds of happy return clients over the past 10 years.

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"Roger combines a mega-genius mind with suburb acting skills and delivers a practical, powerful message to his audience."

Terry Brock
Virtual Keynote Speaker

“The world is lucky that a talented actor named Roger Haskett has stepped off the stage and into the meeting world. His energy and passion light up a room. At a recent national conference I attended, he was by far the best speaker. I was amazed by his fun sense of humor and — most important — how much I learned from him. I implemented his tips immediately and saw noticeable improvement in my business.”

Dave Lieber
Dallas Morning News Columnist