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Engagement Maximizer

What makes Roger so Valuable in a Digital World? 

His stage presence, acting ability, captivating storytelling, communication and engagement expertise.

“Hi Roger, it was great ‘seeing’ you online! Your dynamic in-person energy translates so well online. You are going to thrive in this space! Thank you for the great session.” 

Jennifer Kingen Kush, Digital Event Strategist

“Thank you Roger for sharing these helpful suggestions. Thank you for sharing the reality of what this situation means for many of us and how we can help ourselves and our teams, families and friends find a way to get to the other side.” 

Kristine Ford, CIP Director, Westland Insurance Group Ltd.

"I wanted to say how much I love your ‘Talking To People in a Pandemic’ series. You are so wonderful on stage and know just how to adjust to being on an intimate screen. I am endlessly impressed.”

Heather Sharpe, President, Sherpa Group Events

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